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Get more information and more examples at my AboutRuby project:

Here's the write-up over at the Ruby project:

My main page is here.


I've been working on enhancements to the documentation for the Ruby project. Getting these enhancements posted to the Ruby project has been very slow. They're not actually meeting resistance; I know because my many PRs for enhancing class ENV were accepted (though not rapidly). It's just that everyone is busy.

Anyhow, I'm stashing all this stuff on in my own project, called AboutRuby. The piecemeal migration from there to the Ruby project is not going to be completed in my lifetime (I'm 77 years old).

So: I'm going to blow my own horn here on DEV, to encourage you to use the enhanced documentation.

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Started out teaching English at Embry-Riddle. Graded 10,000 essays. Lesson learned. Became a mathematics teacher. Discovered computing. Never looked back.


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Oh wow! Helping document Ruby is amazing.

I was reading your short bio and realized we have a lot in common.

I started working as a developer, then I went to school to get a Math teaching degree, then a specialization in English teaching, then a specialization in computer science.

I never worked as a teacher. I've always been a dev.

But it's amazing and inspiring to see somebody who walked the same path I did, only in a different direction.

Thank you for helping document Ruby. I sometimes wish there was a better source on comparing time and complexity between ruby classes and methods. Like a chart.

But since the documentation isn't always clear, I find it a bit hard to look them up because I'd have to read their implementation every time.

I've circumvented that limitation by defaulting to writing a few benchmarks whenever I encounter such problems. But I definitely wish the documentation was more elusive to how fast the method is at scale.

Thank you for helping document Ruby! ❤️


Thanks, James. It's good to hear from you.


So you missed your chance to grade 10,000 essays?