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re: Thanks for that ! Git is really powerful. But I wonder who really needs this feature. If you want clean commits, you better change things one by o...

That's so interesting! For me, waiting until you've completely finished one thought to start working on something else feels like it would be more time consuming, basically turning each individual thought process into a blocking task. Separating out the changes into clean commits after my ideas have come together makes way more sense for the way my brain works.

I guess it just goes to show that people's brains work in wildly different ways!


Maybe that's because I don't (always) do clean commits 😌
Sometime, I'm in the middle of an atomic commit and I come across a typo of my colleague. I better correct it now because I won't open a ticket for that and if I don't do it now, I'll forget it.
If I'm lucky it's in a separate file and I can skip it in the commit, otherwise...
How do we call that ? Laziness ? ☺️

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