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I know that there are automated tools for accessibility testing but I really don't know much about them. Do you have any that you go to in particular, or is most of your accessibility acceptance testing a manual process?


I use Google Lighthouse to do accessibility auditing on the frontend.

Accessibility acceptance testing something I'm working on at UI-licious. Right now the test engine has a bias to use ARIA descriptors as labels for buttons and input fields. Working on refining it further and allowing people to configure a strict mode to strictly evaluate ARIA descriptors and semantic HTML elements only when performing acceptance tests.


So accessibility testing is about 60% automated, 40% manual. The are some things that fundamentally can't be checked automatically, or rather, there are some errors that won't be found with automated tools. (Some of the testing we think about in this space is 'will assistive tech recognize this HTML correctly', and if assistive tech can't parse it correctly, that usually means the automated tools can't parse it correctly either.)

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