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re: Hi Jess, thank you for this overview. I try to continuously improve my test skills since the tests improve my confidence in the code. I'd like to a...

I actually dislike the distinction of “who is the tester?”

Software lives and dies by the team, not by the individual. I definitely agree there. As such, testing code, both in an automated and manual fashion, falls collectively to the team and not to an individual. Carving out by role is not super useful, imo.

And I definitely missed a few things here, especially with regard to accessibility and usability testing. Which makes sense - I’ve never touched production front end code. It’s very much a personal blind spot, but there are a number of great resources and points elsewhere in the comments!


Hi Jess,

I think I understand your point and honestly I agree with it. I don't really use the Who-question to distinct the kind of test, I mean, obviously it's not the fact that a developer executes a test which makes it a unit test.
I just thought of it as a nice extra information. In my experience it's usually not a customer or an end user who executes unit tests. These people test by clicking through the app or at least it's what I think they do ;-). So the "Who" is more like a weak evidence when you ask how to distinct between kinds of tests.
(I have to admit that I maybe missed the topic a little bit but I like the discussion.)


Oh My God! What a big bundle of knowledge this article and these comment-discussions are! I'm elated that I drop-by here.

The article in itself is self-sufficient but these comments are the cherry on the cake.
Thank you so much , the entire community is giving back selflessly!

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