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I once had a head of product who would assure deadlines to the rest of the C team without consulting the dev team, and when the dev team pushed back he would try to trick us into believing that the deadline was actually our idea, not his, and we were failing to deliver on what we promised.

Document all your discussions. Back them up on a non work account. Don’t let someone make you ale the fall for things you didn’t agree to.


I breathe a heavy sigh of indignance. I don't mean to discriminate but...did that product owner have a sales background? Because that sounds like some grade A, "play both sides off of each other to deflect from the fact that I'm the one in the wrong out of all three concerned parties", not-ivy-league, business school nonsense right there. I'd hate to imagine that particular product owner ended up in senior management eventually but...that product owner ended up in senior management eventually didn't they? 😄


He was actually a former javascript developer and was also the VP of product (and the only PM in the company). I don't know why he thought that management style was a good idea. Startup culture is weird and incentivizes bad behavior sometimes.

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