re: I’m sorry, but this “Full Stack” meme makes me really mad/sad VIEW POST

re: It all stems from the ambiguity of the term(s) "Full stack". A full stack developer doesn't know the whole stack, knows enough to work on both side...

How do you feel about the term "Software Engineer"?

Does everybody need a specific title? "Front", "Back", "Embedded", "Game", etc..and if so, what do you call yourself if you've worked as a Game Developer for 5 years and in DevOps for 5 years?


Titles are for the 3 Rs: Recruiters, Raises and Relationships and are always only attributed to a position, not to an individual. It's silly to label someone, regardless of the context. It makes sense, instead, to label its current or past positions. To answer your question someone who did game dev for 5 years and devops for 5 years is "someone who did gamedev for 5 years and devops for 5 years". Easy :) The generic label of "software engineer" (which I personally use) is useful in the sense that it's not tied to a specific context but makes it clear that I'm not just a code monkey.

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