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Discussion on: Is It Ethical to Design the exact copy of application ?

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Theo Oliveira

Right. It's not ok to copy design. But zoom securities issues is not worth mentioning? There is nothing wrong with India devs. I can't see your point with this title and the subject at all. China moves over a tons of things over privacy and gov-owned companies actions are also to be talked about. Tik Tok as well.

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Well, I am not talking about the Zoom securities issues here. All I am saying is about the copied design and one more thing, I don't have any doubt on developer's developing skills but at least, their superiors one's must have to work innovatively. I mean what users will think about this exact copy of application. Don't you think they all will say "Indian Developers just copy the source code of Zoom application", as some of my friends are saying about it.