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Discussion on: How to Build a REST API using Node, Express, and Mongo

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Nick Karnik Author

That database I shared is an isolated sandbox instance on mLab, so I left the credentials in the code in case anyone wants to play with it. Thanks for pointing that out.

I've coded in ~13 languages and built large-scale systems in a handful of them. My favorites have been C++, C# and Python. Over the past two years, I have worked exclusively with the MERN stack. It is such a joy to work with that stack and it makes life so much easier compared to any other language I've used. The best thing is that you stay within the JS ecosystem all the way to the database. I've built about five large-scale applications using Node / Express / Mongo and haven't had any issues. I had to learn the ropes to deal with lack of multi-threading and scaling, etc.

If your server-side computations are CPU intensive, you need to architect your project accordingly. In those cases, I might opt for Python / C# / C++.