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re: Would you mind to somehow mark this sort of questions with #defaultcountry or like tag? FYI: there is the world outside of US where these problems...

Have European companies managed to solve this issue for remote workers?


Oh, that's right, it works similarly within the EU. I suppose most of them set up shop in the US to be able to provide health insurance for US employees.

I honestly think that’s none of companies’ business. Social protection for the citizens is the first and main duty of the government.

It should not matter whether one works for the Giant or is homeless. Luxury services—well, yes, maybe. But not the base healthcare.

AFAICT, the vast majority of those willing to work for Europe employers in CS/IT do indeed move across the ocean. I had never heard of anyone living in US and remotely working for Europe.

I agree that the government should provide that protection. That's something I'm hoping will change in the US in my lifetime. In the meanwhile, I'm exploring relocating to Canada.

I've run into several people who work for companies in the EU and live the US, but I never bothered to ask them about this. I'll have to do that next time.

Often, the expense of covering health insurance in the US is similar to the cost of hiring an additional employee in the EU. That makes no economic sense for them!

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