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Discussion on: How to support Apple's dynamic type in your web content with CSS

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Josh • Edited

I know that this is just a concession of using the best resource available for the problem at hand, but arrgh, the fact that the web standards board hasn't adopted a CSS filter for the width of the actual screen of a user's device yet has turned the mere act of browsing the internet into one of the most aggravating activities I regularly do for the ... [gestures vaguely] ... part of my life.

I have a 1920x1080 screen, and can't even put up two reference documents in split-view mode without both of them snapping to a single_column_flow layout that's "optimized" for tablets, and suddenly the article's lines go from being slightly longer than in an average paperback to running the entire width of a page in a cocktail table book.

Anyway. This is a useful CSS rule, thank you for sharing it on here 🦄💖🔖