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Howdy! CompSci Aggie c/o 2012 here. I was drawn in by discussions about: impostor syndrome (because woe is me), the elitists developers (make me sad) and remote work (which has been a topic of discussion in my work place for a while). I also believe I have some insight I can write about being a "double" minority in the software development world and all.

I know there is some kind of stigma when it comes to developers wanting to get into game development, while it wasn't my initial goal, I do enjoy coming up with game ideas and trying to bring them to life. In my free time, I do some development in Unity. I had an android game on the market but never updated the privacy policy so it's gone now. I plan to upload it to my site one day.

I like cats. Lol. I have 2.

Oh and I play all the video games (okay, some of the video games because I have too many to play)

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