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Discussion on: Why the React community is missing the point about Web Components

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Samir Saeedi

I wonder how do you feel about writing inside <script> and <style> tags in HTML. In which ways <script> alert("hi") </script> differs from template.innerHTML = "<div> hi </div>"? (Provided that there's tooling support and that the browser knows it has to parse the latter string as HTML not JavaScript.)

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Dmitrii 'Mamut' Dimandt

I wonder if people actually know what tagged literals are in JS.


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is nothing more than a single function call with, you guessed it, a string

html('string', ...)
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No amount of word twisting and wishful thinking can change that. I really advise you to look at what lit-html does such as diligently parsing this string looking for tags and markers:

And no. the browser does not know how to "parse this string as HTML". Because it's just a string, it's handled as a string, and is used a string, and nothing else.

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Jeff Lindsay


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Junk • Edited on

You all realize that JavaScript is just a string in a file without an engine to parse, compile, and execute it, right?

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Benny Powers 🇮🇱🇨🇦

Well, it's a drop more complicated than that. Tagged template literals know about their static and dynamic parts. And lit-html uses template tags and weakmaps for fast parsing and efficient storage.

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Pascal Schilp

Im fine with it being string blobs, string parsing is much faster than html parsing.