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re: "If you want to truly become a software engineer or a developer you need to pick a language and stick with it." I disagree. True software engineers...

"True software engineers can pick the languages that is most appropriate to finish the given task, often mix and match multiple languages for performance boost"

You are correct! They do. However, the person who wrote that comment was simply pointing it towards beginners to motivate them. Which it did, it at least motivated me. As beginners use that to motivate them and commit to a language, over time they will become proficient enough to know that they are no longer stuck and they can branch out into other languages without getting them no where. The context of this post is to get people who are stuck in the learning the basics stage / getting swayed out of continuing to learn that language because this YouTuber says to stage. When they stick with one for longer than just the basic fundamentals of the language they will get the confidence to do what you are saying. Until then they need a little nudge to not listen to naysayers.


Yes, I completely agree to your point. What I wanted to say was YouTube comments are full of gibberish and they seem like they don't know what they're talking about :)

That they are. Most of the time it is from novices that are just spewing out stuff they heard from other people either in comments or in videos.

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