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This Dot, Inc — The Future of The Modern Web

A Look Back in History

From 1908–1927, it took approximately 20 years for the existence of mankind to change forever. That point in history is the moment we replaced a horse drawn carriage with the Model T.

Transportation, accessibility, independence, trade, and everything surrounding our daily routine were affected by this advancement, and the innovation of the car continues to permeate our present lives.

The Now, The Present, and Our Future

We are experiencing another great moment in history right now, and are participating in one of the greatest chapters of our generation — writing the modern web.

In the next 10–15 years, every experience we have will be consuming the modern web in some form. This means everything we do, from communicating with our loved ones to shopping will be affected by the forward moving web.

We are seeing this change now, with the majority of web-based applications being written as progressive web apps, single page applications becoming the norm, and innovations on the mobile platform surprising us in ways we would have never imagined.

The Current State of Modern Web Advancement

Current innovation advancing the modern web has been occurring in silos of disparate tech communities first, hindering the speed of advancement we could achieve with more collaboratively driven efforts.

The faster we understand patterns and parallels and work together to create common universal solutions, the faster our industry advances.

Another piece paramount to growth and advancement of the modern web is education and helping inform the general tech population about new paradigms and technologies such as service workers, single page applications, and progressive web application techniques. The faster the consumption of these new standards, the better our technological advancements get and the faster we get new technologies.

A barrier to adoption is also the pain points developer may experience when putting many of these modern web technologies to use. A knowledge base to help developers work around pain points of early adoption and build with these technologies is key in helping move our industry forward. Once adoption has taken stride, change is swift and innovation flourishes.

Advancing the Modern Web

At the end of the day, technologists working on modern web platforms and technologies have one goal, and it is to enable engineers to develop once and have a viable app on all platforms by building progressive web apps with solid practices such as reactive programing and modern frameworks.

There is much work to be done to understand how to best educate people and what tools are necessary to make the ever-changing web approachable to all companies looking to adopt single page apps and progressive web app technologies.

This Dot in the Modern Web Ecosystem

Our mission at This Dot is to help further accelerate adoption of new technologies in the modern web ecosystem by broadcasting industry advancements.

We strive to facilitate and strengthen the conversations around topics related to the modern web and our hope is that by providing people building applications the information they need to be better and develop faster, a stronger sense of ownership to the web platform will form and a better understanding of the decisions which are being made by standards bodies and browsers will emerge.

We hope the platform we are creating for the modern web will provide a mechanism for everyone to join the conversation and participate in the innovation that is the modern web.

This article was written by *Tracy Lee with contributions from Taras Mankovski and Ben Lesh.*

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