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Discussion on: Setup your Pi-hole

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Thomas Bnt Author • Edited on

Two methods :

1) If you cannot change the DNS on your router/ISP, you can do it on your Pi Hole very easily. Just put it between your network of computers (clients) and the router so that it is affected.

You can change DNS on your Pi Hole with the webpanel (RaspberryPi-IP/admin/settings.php?...) and restart dnsmasq for affect the change.

In order for your PC to go through the DNS you entered in the Pi Hole, you must then point your DNS from your computer to the IP address of your Pi Hole.

Do not hesitate to put a second IP DNS in case, because if you change local network or the raspberry Pi is disfiguring, you will not be able to access the internet.

2) Put your Pi Hole an router, enable DHCP (RaspberryPi-IP/admin/settings.php?...) and well done !

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Vladi Beeblebrox

Thanks for explaining in details. There would be following inconvenience in this case:
typically we connect to our home routers via LAN, WiFi from different devices (laptop, PC, tablet, phone). With constellation like this we would need to configure every of these client devices separately no?


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Thomas Bnt Author

Exactly ! On my device or my PC, I must edit DNS only if i use Pi Hole for a gateway between clients and router. :|