Discussion on: 3 Mistakes Junior Developers Make with React Function Component State

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Thomas Leon Highbaugh

Maybe I am not as strong in this conviction as not liking the title at all, for Junior developers are at as much of a need for humility as everyone else writing code (which is why everyone should use Linux, it tears you down every time your head gets too big and in the middle of that huge problem you eat humble pie while clicking through an installer) but Dan is onto something in pointing out that there is something a little off about singling out Junior Developers with the title.

We all know, including you, that in reality these are mistakes that people just make in general, mostly because its never very well explained anywhere what the specific rules are, except in this well written article of course, but I think its more fair to exclude the experience based qualifier of Junior when a 20 year veteran of low level C programming is still liable to make the mistakes because she happens to not have noticed that in any documentation she read. The only thing that is true of Junior Developers specifically is the inclination to quit, which others might like for job security, but I think is a good reason to not target them for fear of discouraging them in a field where the rising tide lifts all ships in the harbor.