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re: Why did you pick that name? VIEW POST

re: Cool! Mind sharing a bit of background about the 4 proposals? Were these just random names themselves? Did they have some connection to the library...

The delicate part is: Although I work in FOSS and our company runs on 100% open source, some parts of software we develop can not be opened or made somehow public - but most things are.

In this case it is about a project funded by the European Social Fund, where we were a subcontractor down the chain. The parts belonging the ESF are made open source but some other parts belonging our contractor, I am not able to talk about.

Only that the library's name has EU in it. Which makes of course sense. 😊

The 4 proposals were for themselves fully qualified product names. But most of them rather clumsy and hard to remember. We came up with a much shorter one.

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