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Discussion on: Can everyone learn to code?

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Thomas Step

My short answer is yes. The time required to fully understand and be able to apply knowledge is the largest variable from person to person with any concept be it coding or anything else. It'll come easier to certain people and involve some struggle for others. The deciding factor, in my opinion, is how determined (either through stubbornness or discipline) someone is to learn a given topic.

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Nathan Kallman Author

I think this is most where my thinking is today. And the only argument for "no" that I would entertain is if a person's rate at which they learn is slower than the rate the field of software is evolving at; but is that even possible? I don't know. I feel that after learning a large enough body of basics (a critical mass) then learning the "new" concepts is not very difficult and can be done quickly by anyone (because the concepts aren't that "new").