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Python is my main one, with most of my work in it involving pygame somehow. What I work on tends to range from simpler hardcoded games, to entire game engines like Desutezeoid, my point and click adventure engine.

and while I started using both python and pygame for games, I didn't stop at that. General pygame frameworks and applications are also something I work on. libraries such as strazoloidwm, a project of mine that helps create multi-window UIs in pygame.

Some of my bigger projects include a Chiptune synthesizer suite complete with drum sequencer, a base 3 computer emulator (SBTCVM), and my latest project being a gopherspace client called Zoxenpher.

python wasn't my first language, but it does what I need it to, and I've gotten to the point where I know what to expect from it. part of my reasoning for using a library like pygame is that I do enjoy the challenge of writing my own UI code from scratch, and fine-tuning it to the task at hand. :)

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