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How to be a T-Shaped Developer?

Hi guys,
Today I would like to share about becoming a T-shaped developer in software engineering field.

I also uploaded this content on my YouTube channel.
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For readers,
Let's get started.

There are many different types of people in different career.
But If you are a software developer, this one is for you.

Why You need to be T-shaped?

By becoming a T-shaped developer,
You can brand yourself as an expert in your particular field.
You can manage and participate in other fields by collaborating with other different people.
That will make you stand out from the crowd.

What is T-shaped developer?

A developer who has expert skills and experience in a particular field. And that developer can also have general knowledge of other fields that are apart from his or her particular field.

To be more clear,
a T-shaped developer is a generalizing specialist in work.

Meanings of T-shaped

Alt Text
The horizontal bar of T represents the breadth of skills you have but you don't need to be expert in.

The vertical bar of T represents the depth of knowledge you have for your niche.

Example of becoming a T-shaped developer

Alt Text

Let's imagine you are a Backend Web Developer for this case.

According to the Horizontal of T-shaped,
You need to know general knowledge of web technologies such how does web browsers work,
how does UX/UI work based on HTML/ CSS/ JavaScript stuffs, about system analysis, testing case, data structure and algorithm etc..
Plus, soft skills such communications, adaptability and management skills are preferred to know in these days.
You must have a wide knowledge of website development lifecycle.

For the Vertical of T-shaped,
Now think about a particular skill or passion you have.
Let's say, you are interested about algorithms and playing with data.
In this case, you need to be expert at backend technologies.

Deep learning about one server-side programming language that could be PHP, Python, Java or ASP.NET etc.
and be expert at it.
Plus, you can go with their frameworks or libraries for deep down knowledge.
Moreover, be expert at Backend operations such as handling Database and Server deploying stuffs.
Then you can promote yourself as a T-shaped Backend developer.

That's it.

Options To Be T-shaped

Based on research, there are two options to be a T-shaped developer.

First method is that you can start from horizontal to vertical of T. It means to start with wide knowledge scope and end with your expertise.

Another method is from vertical to horizontal of T.
It means to start with your niche and learn to be expert.
After then, learn another general things that are related to your expertise.

What option would you like to choose to be T-shaped?
Give a time to yourself to create your path.

You can share your path of becoming developer in this comment section. So, everyone can see and motivate from it.

I hope you enjoy this content.
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Thanks a lot guys.

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