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Thu Htet Tun
Thu Htet Tun

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Ways to Make Money?

hello guys!

I won't explain you with long and complicate words for that coz everybody can make money on their own way,
so here's the key points to modify your mind.

  1. Don't ever think about making money is hard
  2. You can make money right now but amount will be based on yours.
  3. You can't make money right now .. it takes time to make money.. but amount will be based on yours preparation.

That's all.
Making money is not hard. Choose your way.

For me, I'm not that rich now. But I can live on my own and currently follow that No.3 rule to set up my mind. I wanna make more income streams as much as I can. I'm currently working on a full time job but I wanna expand my income by teaching and sharing.
After that, making passive incomes will be my final target.

Think about what's your method to make money.
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Thanks for your time.

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Alessandro Ronchi

It's never too early to start making passive incomes.

I warmly recommend to start reading some books about how money can work for us (and not vice versa).

I started with the following:

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Thu Htet Tun

Thanks Ronchi

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Hyperpoper13 • Edited

Really wise words. People should understand that money isn’t that hard to earn. I’m a university student, and it’s almost impossible for me to find time for a full-time job. I tried myself in many fields, but unfortunately, I failed. At the time, I thought that it was tough to make money for a living and almost gave up. Luckily I was able to find a website that had a lot of side hustle ideas. I went through it and decided to try some of the ideas and eventually made some money on it.

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Informative artical

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Thu Htet Tun

Thanks bro