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Sharing Dev's Useful Sites & Tools that I applied

Hello my dev friends,

Today, I would like to share some useful sites and tools that I used in dev field.

Let's get started...

  1. CSS Loading Site
    Sometime, this site helps me to get CSS's loading stuff easy and fast.

  2. Illustrations
    I used Undraw's illustrations in many sites and personal case.
    It is so useful for me.

  3. LeetCode (Code Practice)
    I had told to use this site to improve my coding skills. Then, I used it and found fun and benefits for me. Recommend you this one.
    You can practice your coding skills in there.

  4. Fake Rest API
    For testing in order to get json api, I used this site often.
    Hell yeah, You can play with this site fake rest api data.
    Wanna test with real data to get Real feeling?
    Bonus Site:
    To test, my fav env is postman.
    Test Environment Software:

  5. (Data Diagram Tool)
    This site helps me to design quick Database Diagrams, Use Case, Data Flow, ERD, EERD etc.

  6. Backlog (Project Management Tool)
    In my work, every day I have to use this software which is intended for team project management.
    If you have a team, try it once. It has a lot of features.

  7. To Do List
    For my personal, I am using Tick Tick everyday. It is kind of crazy. Check it.

  8. Google Calendar
    To manage my timeline, I have to touch Google Calendar every second of my weekdays.
    Actually, We all must touch Google, right?
    Haha.. But this one is crazy to control our seconds.

  9. Programming Stuff that I used (past and present)
    -C & C++
    -PHP For Laravel
    -JavaScript For VueJS, ReactJs, NestJs
    -SQL For Database Management Software
    -Dart For Flutter

  10. Text Editors
    I know most developer use VS Code every day of their dev lives.
    But I just want to mention it while I am writing.
    For me, I started my development from note++ and currently using VS Code.
    Note++ :
    Sublime :
    VS Code :

Currently, those 10 things are coming from my head randomly.
So, I can freely write it down for my dev friends and followers.

In future articles, I may share this kind of some random tools that are useful for our daily developer lives.

Thanks for reading till the end.
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Thanks guys!
See you in the next article.

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