One Month of a Remote Internship: Lessons and Observations

Tiffany White on December 18, 2017

I have been a remote intern for for about a month now. I am really enjoying myself; teammates are great, work is challenging, and the atmosp... [Read Full]
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Yay Tiffany! I'm always really, really impressed when reading such honest and wholehearted posts. And I can totally relate to the introvert-thingy. But you got this! 😏

Thank you for your insights. I never thought about doing a remote internship back then, though I thought about working remote or rather worked with colleagues that were completely working remotely once I landed my first full-time job. Now I'm back at university for my masters degree and considering remote internships opens a whole bunch of new options, I think.

By the way, you can do an internship at!? 😍 Yay!! How did I not know about this beforehand?! 🙋 😄




Yep, I did notice that. 😄 And it was kind of like these moments when you're at a party and realize you're wearing that same dress as the host. ðŸ˜ĩ Bummer! 😁


âĪïļ âĪïļ âĪïļ

That standing desk contraption should be getting to you this week!

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