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Discussion on: New Year, New Goals! Share your 2020 wins & 2021 goals!

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Tim Jung 👽 Author

Here's some of my 2020 wins:

  • Hosted on the React Native Radio podcast
  • Got the Call of Duty Companion App featured on the official React Native Showcase (
  • Got the Call of Duty Companion App features on the React Navigation showcase (
  • Opening speaker at the App Growth Summit LA 2020 !
  • Did a digital speaking event for Codesmith:
  • Shipped tons of content in the Call of Duty Companion App including Call of Duty League livestreams, Black Ops Cold War features, & more
  • Read some great books like Spring Microservices in Action, The Pragmatic Programmer, & Code: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware & Software
  • Mentored a good friend and helped her reach her #100daysofcode goal (shout out to Avery this is really your win!)
  • Grew the Call of Duty Companion Apps rating to 4.8 stars on iOS & 4.7 on Android

Here are some of my 2021 goals:

  • Learn LUA
  • Read at least 2 career related books
  • Give one digital talk
  • Write more on!
  • Get into VR development for fun
  • Reach 500 Twitter followers (follow me!
  • Get good at Typescript