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Tim Jung πŸ‘½
Tim Jung πŸ‘½

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New Year, New Goals! Share your 2020 wins & 2021 goals!

As 2020 comes to a close, a new year of opportunity and victories lies ahead. Many of you are already thinking about what achievements you'd like to unlock in the new year. But don't forgot to also reflect upon and celebrate everything you've done in this past year.

Please share:

  1. Wins you're proud of from 2020! Big or small!
  2. Goals you want to accomplish in 2021

I'll post mine in the comments below. πŸ‘½βœŒοΈ

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Dylan Anthony • Edited

2020 Wins:

  • Converted most of my company’s services to serverless and made that the default strategy going forward.
  • Created my first open source project that people actually use (~30k downloads at last check!).
  • Wrote my first production Rust service.

2021 Goals:

  • Be a good leader for my two new engineers starting next year.
  • Start writing blogs regularly again.
  • Launch my first open source Rust project (it’s nearly ready)!
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Tim Jung πŸ‘½

Here's some of my 2020 wins:

  • Hosted on the React Native Radio podcast
  • Got the Call of Duty Companion App featured on the official React Native Showcase (
  • Got the Call of Duty Companion App features on the React Navigation showcase (
  • Opening speaker at the App Growth Summit LA 2020 !
  • Did a digital speaking event for Codesmith:
  • Shipped tons of content in the Call of Duty Companion App including Call of Duty League livestreams, Black Ops Cold War features, & more
  • Read some great books like Spring Microservices in Action, The Pragmatic Programmer, & Code: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware & Software
  • Mentored a good friend and helped her reach her #100daysofcode goal (shout out to Avery this is really your win!)
  • Grew the Call of Duty Companion Apps rating to 4.8 stars on iOS & 4.7 on Android

Here are some of my 2021 goals:

  • Learn LUA
  • Read at least 2 career related books
  • Give one digital talk
  • Write more on!
  • Get into VR development for fun
  • Reach 500 Twitter followers (follow me!
  • Get good at Typescript
musicians_u profile image

My 2020 win:
Launced a Kickstarter Campaign
My 2021 Goal:
Get the campaign funded and launch the site.

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Matea Vasileski

2021 Goals:

  • Growing my Youtube Channel, where I combine Programming content with UFO content (Feel free to subscribe if this sounds interesting :)
  • Learning Golang.

2020 Wins:

  • Getting decent at Python.
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Hi Matea, perhaps you would be interested in our Sky Hub UAP Project ?

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Avery Ramirez

My 2020 wins:

  • Took the plunge into a bootcamp to learn web development.
  • Moved on from an industry that wasn't fulfilling.
  • Published my first About Me Webpage.
  • Completed a big personal milestone through the #100DaysOfCode hashtag on Twitter.
  • Found inner peace that I didn't think was possible amidst the circumstances the world is in at the moment.

My 2021 goals:

  • Finish my bootcamp! Should be done some time in January, but I'm not in a rush!
  • Get my first job in coding! Whether it's an internship or a permanent position, I look forward to beginning my career this upcoming year.
  • Continue learning. I definitely plan on doing so constantly until I'm employed, but I'm determined to keep my skills fresh beyond that.
  • Keep track of my progress in more detail, whether that be through more posts, or being more active on Twitter.
  • Engage in more discussions about the web dev industry. Instead of just watching and listening, I'd like to ask more questions and have more dialogue with others.

Thank you for the shoutout and all you've done to help me this year! 2021 is going to be a great year for the both of us.

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Cyril Cabo

My 2020 win:
Started my own site at Alpha Development
Built a couple of projects
Started my freelancing gig, and got a few clients

My 2021 goals:
Regularly do blogging on my site and here on Dev
Grow and expand my freelancing gig
Create a SaaS

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Matt Eland

2020 I wanted to:

  • Speak at at least 3 conferences or User Groups
  • Build an App or a Book

I spoke at 5 conferences / user groups (though most virtually), was going to start on a book, then became an instructor instead. Wound up creating instead, though.

2021 My goals are:

  • Open up to public beta
  • Write and publish at least 15 articles
  • Write and self-publish a book on application architecture and scalability for beginners
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Harsh Singh • Edited

2021 goals:

Get better with React
Get better with TypeScript
Start using GraphQL more in my project
Start learning Rust and ditch Nodejs
Switch to Arch Linux

Maybe get a job (tech related or not) 🀞

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Hello all.
This year.

  • found React libraries I am somewhat happy with. for the MVP that I want to make.
  • Became much better at using the JavaScript stack.

Next year:

  • Want to finish making the MVP by the end of next year. Or make it do much more than it does now.
  • Learn some Flutter to make an app for it or a game.
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Ye Mann Aung

2021 Goals:

  1. Get better with mobile development
  2. Get better with Unity to create hobby games to kill my free time
  3. Avoid watching game streaming
  4. Drop junk hobbies that consume my time so much
  5. Quit drinking alcohol
  6. Make videos about programming in my mother language
  7. Establish free(absolutely) Fitness app for people who want to lose weight
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Pt. Prashant tripathi

Finally I have grown long hairπŸ˜… now I look like John Wick