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It's October 1 in my timezone so I have about 5 PRs ready to be hopefully accepted. πŸ˜„ One of them is to DEV.to!

I'm really excited to be working with different code bases (including languages I've never tried before) this time! I must admit I'm having a blast πŸš€!


As long as they are submitted they don't have to be accepted. As long as they are not reported as spam PRs, you're good.

Obviously we want our work to be merged. Last year one of my 4prs just sat there sadly, guess the maintainer abandoned the repo.


If a maintainer marks the PR as invalid after the review period, will I get my T-shirt? Or will I need to more PRs?

Not entirely sure about invalid PRs, but more likely not.

Thanks for the kind reply. Was a bit over-excited I guess!

You still have time to submit a few more if you need to! 4 is the minimum, not the maximum!


Oh okay, thanks for explaining that Fernando!

I actually went ahead and made a few more PRs 😊 hopefully all of them will be merged πŸ•ΊπŸ½

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