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Hacktoberfest Completion Thread

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This thread is a place to celebrate the achievement of completing Hacktoberfest 2019!

Use this thread to discuss your experience, highlight some of your PRs using the GitHub liquid tag, and more. You're also welcome to create a new post using the #hacktoberfest tag right here on DEV.

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Have made 4 submissions and got invited to this page! #hacktoberfest


How did you get an invite? I've made 4 PRs and they show up on the start hacking page but didn't really get any completion message or invite. Not sure if I'm missing out on something


Yes It shows progress bar as full and 4 PRs below but does not explicitly mention that I cleared it or does not mention link to this post

It arrives via email... try checking your spam folder

Can you please explain the process by which I can know the status in the hacktoberfest contest.
I have done 4 PRs and then there was started a timer for 7 days...
What about it. ???

The timer is for maintainers of the repo on which you raised the PRs to verify the validity of the PRs. If any of your PRs are marked invalid you have to raise a different PR to complete the challenge.


I got confirmation! It was through mail. They didn't exactly show anything on website. Also, in mail check promotions tab.

Yeah. Same here. On Website, the countdown timer shows negative time now.


It's October 1 in my timezone so I have about 5 PRs ready to be hopefully accepted. πŸ˜„ One of them is to!

I'm really excited to be working with different code bases (including languages I've never tried before) this time! I must admit I'm having a blast πŸš€!


As long as they are submitted they don't have to be accepted. As long as they are not reported as spam PRs, you're good.

Obviously we want our work to be merged. Last year one of my 4prs just sat there sadly, guess the maintainer abandoned the repo.


Oh okay, thanks for explaining that Fernando!

I actually went ahead and made a few more PRs 😊 hopefully all of them will be merged πŸ•ΊπŸ½


If a maintainer marks the PR as invalid after the review period, will I get my T-shirt? Or will I need to more PRs?

Not entirely sure about invalid PRs, but more likely not.

Thanks for the kind reply. Was a bit over-excited I guess!


I am turning to PWA (the basic one)!

I decided to add Web App manifest to reactjs documentation for hacktoberfest so users can "Add to Homescreen" the documentations. Also added URL bar color and logo to it.

Here's my PR:

WebApp manifest added to allow users "Add to Homescreen" documentations #2377

This solves issue #2259


Currently there is not manifest set for the website so logo is blank and title is set as a name. Also the color of URL bar in chrome is plain white. Here's how it will look after this PR.


Image 1 is to show the new color of URL bar in chrome Image 2 is the screen after selecting "Add to homescreen" Image 3 is the splash screen after opening it as WebApp

I've added color to the URL bar, Configured name, short_name and other properties. and added a logo file in src/images/react_logo.png (Needed 512px png logo so had to add a new logo)

This is my first contribution here so I'm sorry if I missed out on something

2 of the PRs are in an npm module called prompts for some bug fixes.

And 1 PR is in the

GitHub logo tmrowco / tmrowapp-contrib

Tomorrow automatically calculates the climate impact of your daily choices by connecting to apps and services you already use.

I am looking forward to work with them even after hacktoberfest as they are working on application related to climate change.

Also, I am working on a PR for DEV. It will not really be part of hacktoberfest as I've already sent 4 PRs but I am super excited to work on DEV


Completed 4 PR's! This was my first #hacktoberfest, so I was/am still a bit nervous. I'd like to be more active with contributing to open-source projects from here on out.

I feel extremely uncomfortable to touch any big problems, but this was a step forward!


That is the best thing ever... worked for years alone on a project ( and finally getting my first contributions/PRs :-)


Getting ready for tomorrow - Oct 1st!!!

And DONE!!!!

4 PRs


Just realized that I completed the #hacktoberfest challenge πŸ˜…. Have been contributing to Open source projects for quite some time now. Just love this stuff ❀️. Open Source community FTW πŸ˜„


I just learned a lot by this event, did 4 PL and got here. Lets hope my PL don't go in waste. I am still doing more because of this event as it has given me interest in this thing. Thank You to DigitalOcean, DEV Team for Hacktoberfest


It was a great experience to be a part of the #hacktoberfest for the first time!


Just realized that I completed the #hacktoberfest challenge πŸ˜…. Have been contributing to Open source projects for quite some time now. Just love this stuff ❀️. Open Source community FTW πŸ˜„ #dev #github #opensource


I've just submitted my 4th PR and received Hacktobert's e-mail letting me know to wait for maintainers' approval. Can't wait! This is my first time, so I'm basically learning how to use Git and at the same time contributing to projects spreading the word about Data Science and Python resources. It was a bit hard to find projects I could help as a first-timer and code newbie, but I was able to add a community I'm part of, a podcast I listen to, a Youtube channel I watch, and a book I translated to 4 repos I follow. It's great practice on using Git! #Hacktoberfest


I am a complete newbie to GitHub and open source contribution. This challenge motivated me to make contributions. Made 4 pull requests, let's hope they are accepted. Opensource is interesting. No doubt.


I just made more than 4 PRs to a project I enjoy contributing to and to add more fun to it, it is Hactoberfest!! Currently, under review from the maintainers. I am off to do more ....πŸƒπŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ


Finished 4 pull requests already! I've never participated in anything like this so it was some great experience and very addictive! I definitely plan on making a habit of doing this more often as I learned a lot and it felt good to see my contributions!

Good luck all!


Firstly, apologies if I have already commented. I couldn't find my comment, thus adding one. It's all very new to me and I am just working thing out.

I completed my first 4 pull request last week. Since then I have been slowly taking on a few other things. Just a big shout out to everyone for making this happen. It is a lot of fun and with out a community, like yourself, people like me ... well...we would still be stuck in a dark (or light) corner trying to figure things out! #thankyou #hacktoberfest


Already got my 4 PRs in; that was quick πŸ˜‚
Most were fixing typos and ensuring projects have the proper license file so Github can detect it properly. I like how Github recommends great repos to me based on my stars, it works very well for me. I've found a few interesting ones already, so I might contribute some more substantial PRs this month just because ✊




i completed the challenge on Saturday (06/10) during an exclusive women's meeting, focused on learning and teaching git / github concepts for other women, together, we made the 'hacktoberfest for women'.
the initiative was born with the communit 'Developer Circles from Facebook' here in Recife, Pernambuco - Brazil and was has support for another groups, some like Women Who Code and Pyladies.

so, how the life isn't just code, one of my PR's, was in an amazing and funny repository, the 'DevJoke' of Shruti Kapoor (

"this is all folks!"



Made 4 PR(s) to some projects ! One landed and three more pending for reviews. Hopefully, those three PR(s) get landed too. #hacktoberfest

jeffong at #hacktoberfest


3 out of 4 was approved and merged. The last one is still pending. Hopefully, it gets merged too. But it seems like I have already passed the review period ! Woot woot πŸ™Œ


Big Shout Out to Everyone making Hacktoberfest possible. I, notably, achieved my first 4 PRs and the first time I have participated in this event. I have to confess - I think I am addicted. Perfect environment for me. I am now looking for more to contribute and take my skills up a notch! #thankyou


Already did 4 PRs on the first day, but I don't intend to stop :)

Started with focusing on Elixir. Updated (and translated to Russian) a few lessons on Elixir School, and updated Phoenix documentation on DevDocs to 1.4!


Successfully submitted more than 4 PR's to opensource project & they have merged too ! Really Excited πŸš€ #hacktoberfest


Second Hacktoberfest I've taken part in, my four PRs have now been submitted! Mixture of fixes, feature improvements, documentation and README polishing! Three of the PRs have already successfully been merged, the last one will hopefully soon be as well. Feel free to visit my GitHub profile to check out the stuff I'm up to! Congrats to all participants! :)


It's time! Last year I won my t-shirt but you know... Argentina. This edition I'll do tons of PRs and pray to get the t-shirt xD


Yeah, they sent it, but I couldn't pick it up because some federal permission thing, so sad. I hope to get the law on my side this year xD


4 PR's ready!
One already merged, one had quite a lot of review and things needed to fix and I accidentally improved the speed of the project, lol.
Other two awaiting review!
Definitely cool event, I've learned about nice projects and found some sites listing issues, very nice!
Contributions are welcome on my own repo too!

GitHub logo MrNaif2018 / bitcart


Bitcart is a platform for merchants, users and developers which offers easy setup and use.

Docs Status CircleCI codecov Python versions

Linked repositories

Our ecosystem consists of a few packages, this is main web interface. Other repositories: - docker packaging, easy install - python library for coins connection


Docs are available at or at docs directory in this repository.


See for details.


I forgot I signed up, despite me inviting the DEV community to help out over at Exercism:

...and I got the e-mail at October 2nd 2:03 my timezone.

I decided to build a Track Maintenance Dashboard which has been deployed since last night. The co-founder of Exercism loved it so much, he gave me a subdomain so we could host it. And the best part? It's OSS! So you can see how I built it:

GitHub logo exercism / tracks-maintenance-dashboard

A dashboard for maintainers to understand the state of tracks


A dashboard for maintainers to understand the state of tracks


For my first time contributing code for Hacktoberfest, I learned a lot from doing contributions! I have done the goal of four contributions so far, but just because I did four does not mean I will stop! I hope to have more contributions as the month goes on.


First PR submitted for Hacktoberfest! Figured I'd start with something simple - addressing Node.js audit issues in the Itch app, something I happen to use frequently.


Phew, got my PRs in. Certainly nice not to be racing to finish them at the end of the month like last year!

Hacktoberfest progress

If anyone is looking for #PowerShell repos to contribute to, I can recommend:

GitHub logo Badgerati / Pode

Pode is a Cross-Platform PowerShell framework for creating web servers to host REST APIs, Web Sites, and TCP/SMTP Servers

GitHub logo vexx32 / PSKoans

A simple, fun, and interactive way to learn the PowerShell language through Pester unit testing.

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