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Nest JS a New King for APIs | Node JS API development 🎯

Nest JS a New King for APIs | Node JS API development

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nestjs( "nestjs")

Nest JS is something new and growing day by day in its popularity for APIs development, its built on top of Express and supporting typescript in Modular style which is somewhat similar to what we do in angular for like creating services and Modules

For Angular Developers they might find this cool as syntax is somewhat similar for creating modules, dependency injection, Creating modules and many more..

I just covered why should we use Nest JS for API development

  • Typescript Support

  • Built on top of Nest js

  • Bundled with everything (no need of External Library)

  • Good Support available for service integration like like redis, web socket or any database.

  • Good support with TypeORM, Sequelize and Mongoose

  • Overall it comes with package for request validation, middle-ware, Interceptors, Pipe and simple way to write API documentation using swagger Modules.

For a simple starter You can look at My simple Code as starter Kit

Nest JS for Beginners :

Learning NestJS as a beginner Developer
Step up your game, start using Nest! Nest - one of the best things that happened to server-side JavaScript development…*

I will keep posting some more tutorials on nestjs for beginners.

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