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Discussion on: Vim Is The Perfect IDE

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Tim Nolte • Edited

What do you care what another developer uses? This sounds like just another Mac vs Windows vs Linux argument that is all opinions

BTW, I know of companies that use Notepad++ as their "IDE" and in my opinion it's no different than vim(or a variant like Neovim).

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George Offley

I don't care what another developer uses. It literally does not matter, in the long run. However I like these arguments. It's always funny to see the more extreme reactions and insightful to see the discussions to these small details.

Do you know why I love these arguments? Simply because I'm not arguing with some faceless twitter avatar about why women, people of color, LGBTQ+ people are under represented (or underpaid) in STEM fields. I don't have to make some passionate argument as to why basic human decency and inclusion should apply to everyone.

You get into a having a real discussion about people's experiences and why these features matter from one person to the other. I just enjoy the debate.

You're right though, it does not matter.