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When I started at my new school in the second half of 0th grade, there was this program on the computers called Fortæl.Nu (Danish for Tell.Now), where you could add backgrounds, objects, characters, text boxes and dialogs. You could link things up so they would happen after each other. An example could be:

Make Man say "Hello!".
Hide Man.
Show Walking Man. (Where Man was of course)
Move Walking Man to here.
Hide Walking Man.
Show Man. (Same as before)
Make Man say "Now I'm here.".

Now, you wouldn't write this out, but rather you would set an action for 1 or more things, and then either go to the next frame and, or drag an arrow from it to to whatever was gonna happen next (Mostly for interactive stuff, I'll get to that).

But, the most amazing thing was (At least for 6 year old me) the ability to trigger the action of something when it was clicked. Now, this doesn't really sound like much to most people here, but to 6 year old me, this was the coolest thing ever. I mean, it wasn't Turing-complete, but it didn't need to be. Programming is programming whether you type out commands, drag blocks around and place them together, or just specify stuff that a computer should do.

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