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Show your style on your Github Readme!

Hey y'all!

If you came across this blog it maybe is a sign to update your GitHub repo and put more of your own coolness to it!

Something I discovered recently is that you can style your repo using many things on a markdown file and display it like a landing page on your Github! I love personalizing things I own and this is a great way to show some character on your repo!

So let's go and I'll show you what elements I used to make mine! (See it live on Github! Click here)

First up..

Create your repo

  • Go to your Github account and create a new repository.
  • Name the new repo under your username. (It comes out something like username/username.)
  • A note will pop up just like in the photo below that'll let you know you had it right! (In my case, I had a warning since I already made mines.) Create your repo under your Github username

Add Icons & Stats

Anurag Hazra's Github - definitely a good source if you want to apply some Github stats and display your top languages used to any visitor of your page. You can customize size, color and also offers a compact version of each.

I chose to display my top languages and Github stats in Merko theme.
There are a lot of themes to choose from! You can take a peek here.The line of code I added looks like this..

![Ellaine's github stats](
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Here's what it looks like in day mode.
day mode

And in dark mode..
dark mode

Add Emojis & Badges

Emoji Github - Great resource for a ton of emojis you can put on your markdowns!

Badges or Shields - You can definitely use this reference to display your social media & top languages used or your tech stack. See these example badges below!


I haven't really attached a photo on a markdown until recently doing it to my Github repo! Just like on HTML, your code in attaching a photo can look like this;

<img src='images/Github_banner.png' alt="banner"></img>
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The result would look like this;
Ellaine's Github page

Closer look at the banner
Banner made from Canva

I made the banner design using Canva! with a LinkedIn banner template.

Last but not least, and probably my favorite..

Gif banners

YES!! I actually just tried if putting a gif would work, and it did! Just refer it to your code like an image! I also used Canva to design the animation on this gif.

In code:

<img src='[relative path]' alt=""></img>
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Closer look at the gif
Gif that says Mabuhay welcome to my page"

Hnet video to gif - also a good way to convert your video clips into a gif!

Giphy - Another great resource for gifs or creating your own!

So that's about all the things I used to upgrade my Github readme profile! I hope it helped you guys put more of your own style on your Github profile and also find ways to vamp up your markdowns!


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Leticia Pegoraro Garcez

OMG! I was thinking about these landing pages repos that I saw, and your post helped me a lot. I'm not much of a design person, but I hope to make something nice with your tips!

tolentinoel profile image
Ellaine Tolentino

Thank you! I’m glad my post can help!

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Alexa Gamil

Awesome step by step!