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I got to meet Brenda and John Romero that are heroes of mine, Rasmus Lerdorf whos attitude that you shouldn't be a coder but rather learn to code to be a developer (because he dislikes coding) is a big reason why I'm back in development 20 years after burning out, the dev team behind Flutter, Pepper the robot and I got to listen to Gary Kasparov live. These are just some of the greats I got to meet this week and on top of that I got to talk about ethics, accessibility, machine learning, company culture in really engaging conversations with so many developers, students, engineers and executives. If that wasn't enough I got the chance to ditch half a day of the conference to reconnect with one of the most magical human beings that I met last time I was in Berlin 5 years ago and hung out in the wonderful city of Berlin with her and her daughter who didn't understood a word I said but enjoyed having fun with me anyways.

Here's a picture of my phone case as it looks now, a symbol for my win this week.Phone Case

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