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What was your win this week?

jess profile image Jess Lee (she/her) ・1 min read

Looking back on your week -- what was something you're proud of?


All wins count -- big or small πŸŽ‰

Examples of 'wins' include:

  • Getting a promotion!
  • Starting a new project
  • Fixing a tricky bug
  • Cleaning your house...or whatever else that may spark joy πŸ˜„

Happy Friday!


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I gave my biggest talk to date! And my blog post on ZSH got cited in The Verge!


That is so cool! I was just looking at that Verge article a bit ago.

Also congrats on your big talk! It must be a cool feeling to see your own improvement reflected in the size of the audience :)


Our baby slept until 6AM today! It was amazing!


Yes! I've just had a second child and this is by far the biggest win in the comments thus far! Nice one.


Congrats! Is the second one any easier?

usually, with each successive child, you don't worry as much about each little thing that happens as compared to the previous.

I only have 2, and while I agree you worry less, the change from 1 to 2 felt almost as challenging as from 0 to 1.
But we (and they!!) survived. Good luck!

Thank you! Something to look forward to. It’s been an interesting challenge managing my anxiety around all her silly baby noises and random spots and stuff. But she’s pretty much the best, so it’s worth it. 😁


After 5 years of working and studying at the same time, I have finally graduated today!! πŸ˜ƒ



Congratulations and Best of Luck For Your Future :)


2,000 downloads for my side project on Google Play Store: Remote for Slides Lite! πŸŽ‰

(Implemented using Trusted Web Activity. This is also my first app on the Play Store, hooray!)

* The Remote for Slides Progressive Web App has around ~10,000 monthly users anyway)


This is so cool! Great idea and execution!


Congratulations on your success and best of Luck for your future!


This week, I...still managed to ship some code even though I had a bunch of meetings. You'll see that I also have some self care lined up this weekend πŸ˜‡


Are white fields CSS error? :D How could you be so busy?


I shipped my website πŸ˜€ jessicagabejar.com ! First time using Gatsby, React, GraphQL, CSS modules, and Sass. I learned a lot, to say the least 🀣


Girl of many many talents! Just checked it and I liked it :)


I would take a look ! Just my building my site too and want to have suggestion and recommendations :) I would let you know if some idea come out regarding your site.

Congrats !


I deleted about 850 lines of code and a whole pipeline from our CI in one commit!


starting new project in react, api in node/koa
fixing a 600 line SQL script


fixing a 600 line SQL script

One of the scariest things I've ever read


I finally finished an article that I spent weeks researching. And at work, I managed to get React to render inside an old Angular 1.x page so I can start migrating to newer code.


Being an Angular 7 Developer That looks interesting!


My friend and I wrote and published an article we made together this week. There were frustrating times and good times during the process. And it's a bit scary to put yourself out there in the form of some writing and illustrations.

But I'm really happy we did it :)


I was given the raise I've been working toward for several months!


Started to code again at home and continued to work on my blog/portfolio site


I'm having success on building my first Flutter mobile app (plus Rails API and design) for a client =)


Awesome! Flutter is super taxing on my laptop πŸ˜… Love that you went with Rails API too!


Can you make a list of resources used in the journey ? Thanks and good job!


I just published my first gem to RubyGems!

Of course the first thing I did was to post it on dev.to :p

Would really appreciate it if people could take a look/provide any feedback!


Sometimes while working I need a pick-me-up.

So I made a micro CLI with oclif to deliver random dad jokes in my terminal.

install using

$ npm -i -g @vip3rousmango/punchline



This week, I deployed 2 web apps to heroku. I'want to share the link but my free hours might get used up too quickly so if ever you want to see it, hit me up on twitter and I'd be mote than happy to share it.


your twitter link doesn't work


I proudly NPM publish mkdird-cli utility. I've built this Command Line Interface so it can be used as is or as a starter package for larger applications...

mkdird image

mkdird-cli makes a directory on your OS's desktop (think mkdirdesktop), all tasks are managed with asynchronous patterns. Once the new directory is created, a Node.js event is emitted as a starting point where you can create anything you want that needs a directory on a desktop...

npm install mkdird -g

Now mkdird-cli needs your feedback !!!


I attended a rails performance workshop which to be honest I didn't think I was gonna get much out of. I only went because my boss made us go but it turned out to be really informative. Lots and lots of material, but I came out of it knowing way more about rails and computer science in general than I thought I would.

Also, I bought a bunch of programming books which I'm super excited about.


I got to meet Brenda and John Romero that are heroes of mine, Rasmus Lerdorf whos attitude that you shouldn't be a coder but rather learn to code to be a developer (because he dislikes coding) is a big reason why I'm back in development 20 years after burning out, the dev team behind Flutter, Pepper the robot and I got to listen to Gary Kasparov live. These are just some of the greats I got to meet this week and on top of that I got to talk about ethics, accessibility, machine learning, company culture in really engaging conversations with so many developers, students, engineers and executives. If that wasn't enough I got the chance to ditch half a day of the conference to reconnect with one of the most magical human beings that I met last time I was in Berlin 5 years ago and hung out in the wonderful city of Berlin with her and her daughter who didn't understood a word I said but enjoyed having fun with me anyways.

Here's a picture of my phone case as it looks now, a symbol for my win this week.Phone Case


I started a new job as a ReactNative dev


I completed a 7 hour course on Front-End Masters that opened my eyes to a whole other level of understanding on JavaScript. For a someone that is learning and trying to make something out of all this it was huge for me. I love when things finally just click.


Spent a fantastic couple of days at REFACTR.TECH running a Flutter workshop, attending fantastic sessions, meeting awesome people, and getting so many ideas for DevFest WI.


Finally finished my first Fullstack app! I wrote about it here

Small step. Hopefully the first of many!


I have a feature that ended up using web workers that will be shipping in an upcoming release of Shotgun. I used @_developit 's awesome workerize-loader-loader webpack loader.

I'll be doing a writeup about it here when I have a bit of free time.


I published my first article on dev.to! It's not quite the quality I would like it to be, but I guess it's a start :)

I'm slowly starting to build an online presence.


Had lunch with my boss on Tuesday, where we talked about a number of things. One of which was It Doesn't Have to be Crazy at Work. I told him that book pretty closely aligns to my own work philosophy and the way they run Basecamp is basically my dream work style, even though I'll likely never work there (not a Ruby dev - yet 😁).

To my surprise, he said I should do a presentation on it. Then today, he sent me a picture of him holding the book, saying it came in. Apparently he ordered a copy, too!


I tried a new recipe: white bean ball wedding soup. It turned out delicious, and all on my first try!


Made A Funny and got the FAB5 Badge because of it!

1 developer and a 3.4 Gb node_modules folder.

Definitely a slow week for me


Wrote a dirty little Battleship console game program in Java. I wrote it for a course on EdX, so I stayed within the confines of what had been taught so far and produced a garbage procedural-programming style game.

Disliked it, so I rewrote it in a more Java-esque OOP way. A few more lines of code, some added complexity, but I think it's better organized and easier to maintain.


New, more OOP focused:


Well better late than never! But spent a long weekend attending another conference, and pretty much smashed my goals I set myself in my last blog post to achieve when coming to future (including this) conferences 😁


It was a productive week actually,.. yeah.

Protypr.io wanted to post my website in the toolbox prototypr.io/tools
and a resources collection posted my website on a github list.


This is my project:


This week I

  • wrote the first draft of a satire piece
  • got to experience a tweet getting more than 5 likes even though it was a very dumb tweet
  • reused a video I recorded to help two customers solve their problem

I made a really simple script posting to twitter if something is added to a blockchain I'm interested in...only a few lines of code but made me happy :)


I wrote my very first tutorial blog on dev.to
It boast my confidence to write more blogs. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„


Long time reader, first time writer this week :)


Making a leap, so to speak :)


I studied WASM and made the implementation of encryption RSA


I was consistent this week in reading an article daily and tweeting its note. Also, I published a long due article


Launched my first solo site! (CoffeeCodex)[coffeecodex.co] Tons of bugs, but I built it from front to back! πŸ˜ƒ


A mentee got their first development job.


want my library to be more interested.
Thank you for a little attention.


Found time to go to the chiropractor (although we call them ζŽ₯ιͺ¨ι™’ here, which seems to be slightly different).


Kicked off development on my new (GitHub project)[github.com/bioye/naijagov] and made initial deployment to my new website!


Finding out that I'm a featured speaker for the MS Insider Dev Tour! I'm so shocked and honoured (and more than a little stressed at the extra pressure I feel now 😏).


Finished 3 Apps in my 30 Reactjs App challenge