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My story is a bit odd.

I began "learning" programming at what I believe was 6th grade at school. At that time, my IT teacher introduced me to Pascal when the rest of the class were learning word/paint/powerpoint or something along those lines. "Learning" because it was pretty much rewriting old book of Pascal to make colorful circles on screen without understanding it 😁 but I was amazed at that point.

After that class I forgot about programming for quite some time.

When I was around 13-14 years old, I went shopping with my mum, and accidentally discovered IT magazine with a link to This is where I was introduced to JS.

I got stuck at for loop at that time 😁 it was (and still is) the most unintuitive name for programming concept :D

So I lost interest in programming for a year or so. Again 😁

Later on, I went into some IT summer camp for children. At that time I was writing a HTML/JS/PHP game which was my and my best friend's made up fantasy game. At first it was stick fighting in the small park near our homes, then we decided to put it onto the web. It was at that camp I got a domain for the game which I was able to show to my friends later on.

That is pretty much when I got hooked onto programming for real.

Here I am, roughly 9 years after my initial encounter to code, still programming, still learning 😊 my current specialty is C#

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