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I'll quote Jesus himself on this. Both points are equally important

People can (and probably should) rebase their _private_ trees (their own 
work). That's a _cleanup_. But never other peoples code. That's a "destroy 

--linus ca. 2009

Totally agree. This post wasn’t meant to persuade people to use one or the other just explaining the differences since they are so similar!


It's always good to point out the consequences of got commands that rewrite history, so people are aware of it.


You did a good thing. Honestly merge is abused and results in sloppy histories. I put --ff-only in my gitconfig to prevent accidental merge bubbles.

It's good for people to get more comfortable rebasing and pay attention to keeping the log clean--especially on larger teams

A final note--its best to rebase -i before pushing

What does your final note do?

Rebase -i let's you squash and amend commits

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