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Discussion on: The Password Struggle

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Hi Christina, I can share a bit :)

Experian UK and Credit Agricole are both users of the SaaS system and those numbers are quite large although not the whole enterprise/customer network.

Our cryptographic IP has been purchased and is in use by some of the largest companies and organisations in the world, given these are embedded in their products I have to be careful with details. Includes one of the top two largest internet and semiconductor companies. Also organisations like a branch of the US Military.

Our solutions are not limited for PINs either we can create a solution which we call Password + which has all the advantages ZKP, single pass MFA, blocks 98% of attacks BUT uses a password!!! (all locally).

PINs are great because there is a lot of user familiarity with Chip-n-Pin and as you say they are relatively short and easy to remember versus a 12 digit, alphanumeric, uppper/lowercase, inc symbol password!

So you would expect a reduction in forgetting them, but if they do, it is easy to re-enroll.