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Discussion on: The Password Struggle

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Cristina Ruth Author

This is an interesting concept. Thanks for sharing!

Are you able to share any data in terms of your production use today? What is the largest system your solution implemented on, and how many estimated users are on that?

Since this solution requires only a PIN, I would assume that there would be very low occurrences of forgot password cases. Is this correct?

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Hi Christina, I can share a bit :)

Experian UK and Credit Agricole are both users of the SaaS system and those numbers are quite large although not the whole enterprise/customer network.

Our cryptographic IP has been purchased and is in use by some of the largest companies and organisations in the world, given these are embedded in their products I have to be careful with details. Includes one of the top two largest internet and semiconductor companies. Also organisations like a branch of the US Military.

Our solutions are not limited for PINs either we can create a solution which we call Password + which has all the advantages ZKP, single pass MFA, blocks 98% of attacks BUT uses a password!!! (all locally).

PINs are great because there is a lot of user familiarity with Chip-n-Pin and as you say they are relatively short and easy to remember versus a 12 digit, alphanumeric, uppper/lowercase, inc symbol password!

So you would expect a reduction in forgetting them, but if they do, it is easy to re-enroll.