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You do have to consider ease of support.

Deploying a web app that serves 2000 employees is infinitely easier than having 2000 employees moving to a new version and struggling with individual computer permissions, making sure dependencies are up to date, remote workers, that one employee using some weirdly custom computer, the employee who has so many apps open you waste hours troubleshooting etc.


There can be problems with that

but I also don't like that your employees coming after weekend found the app completely changed they weren't expecting a change and now they can't do anything about it.


I think we'd have to agree to disagree with that.

If I change my database to support some changes and a user logs in and tries to use a copy of the software that isn't necessarily up to date, I have to do all manner of checks for versioning before I let them even near the data.

Employees coming in to find things different is really just about communicating the changes ahead of time, then they don't have to DO anything, they just come in and it is all ready to go.

agreed. Change always happens and always being ready for it is the key

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