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A printable, PDF - Docker cheatsheet

Hello guys,

since my previous printable Git cheatsheet received a lot of attention, I've added two more pages for the famous containerization tool Docker. I hope you'll enjoy them just as much.

You might find the one command that removes the sudo constraint from docker commands especially useful, so I'll mention it here again. Use with caution!

$ sudo groupadd docker
$ sudo gpasswd -a $USER docker
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Cheatsheet 1: Managing images and containers

Most of these commands are commonly used. They include:

  • How to build an image, start a container and tear it down
  • How to use utility containers (e.g. to manage a Vue application during development)
  • How to get rid of old images and containers


Get the PDF from my Github repos:

Cheatsheet 2: Deal with several containers at once

The second cheatsheet include a few utility commands, as well as a blueprint for a docker-compose file. To be exact:

  • How to tear down several containers at once
  • How to execute bash commands & scripts inside a container
  • An overview of the most commonly used docker.compose commands


Get the PDF from my github Repos:

If you find these files useful, I'd be happy if you left a star on the cheatsheet repos :-)

Happy coding!

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