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Half of the extensions would not be required if you have Firefox 😎

  • Bookmark - right click => Bookmark this link (this can be synced across devices with Firefox accounts)
  • window resizer - right click => inspect element => responsive mode (right top of inspect element window)(size + throttle)
  • JSONview - default for and JSON link (try this in Firefox jsonplaceholder.typicode.com/todos/1)
  • window resizer - right click => inspect element - color picker/eyedropper icon (next to search HTML)
  • CSS viewer - right click => inspect element - rules and computed rules
  • Clear cache - right click => inspect element => storage (if you are really lazy extension helps)

True, but my point is we do not need extensions for these native stuff.


Wait what ?
That's something one can easily do in chrome too and not Firefox exclusive

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