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Discussion on: Advice on Advice

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Pavel Gurkov

Sometimes the information being spread is plainly harmful. Misleading. Without any doubts, objectively. Due to Danning-Kruger of the advice giver, or whatever else, it doesn't really matter. Do you find it hard to remain empathetic and positive towards disinformation?

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Kim Arnett  Author

I would need an example. I would also say there’s a difference between facts and advice. Advice is based on experience, facts are not. There’s also a difference between advice and opinions.

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Philip Hallstrom

Q: Should I turn off the circuit breaker before replacing a light fixture?

A: Nah, as long as you're careful it's fine. Just don't leave both wires exposed at the same time.

I've seen the above multiple times and it is the most horrible "advice"... like end up dead if you mess that up level advice. But technically it's accurate.