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I'm definitely interested in bootcamps, but I've been doing my best to selfteach and attend free workshops and meetups as much as possible. I figure that it's a big investment of time and money, and that I should go in as prepared as I can be.

Honestly, I haven't been especially impressed by the free workshops I've been to. It seems like they're mostly taught by previous grads from the various programs, and it's only rarely felt significantly better than what I could get from selfteaching or a book.

The main benefit I've found in these workshops over selfteaching has been A. being somewhere other than my room and, thus, being kind of forced to focus, and B. having people available to ask questions. (which can be of limited use when the person doesn't necessarily understand how to communicate the technical answers to someone who doesn't have the same context).

I've been lucky enough to get both of those things at meetups, so I still feel like I'm learning at a pace where I don't necessarily need a formalized program (yet). Once I plateau a bit more, there's a decent chance I'll end up in a bootcamp, but I'll have to do some serious assessment as far as which one(s) I'd pursue.

If there are other options, I'd love to hear, though! I've finished undergrad, so I don't really see myself doing a second Bachelor's, and I'm not sure that a Masters would be suitable for me either, since my degree was in art.


I feel there must be a lot of people in this scenario. Trying to upskill, but more formal education isn't the answer. The catch 22 of needing more skills to get a job, but needing the skills to get the job makes it hard to push forward.

The General Assembly workshops (in London) were useful to me as they were taught by those out in the real world putting the skills to use and (usually) had a hands-on project to complete. Being able to go beyond browser-based tutorials and being able to ask questions was really useful to me. I miss them now I am home in New Zealand.

The cost and time were what stopped me thinking any more about Bootcamps. It's a huge outlay, plus living costs and time off work. A good discussion starter though!

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