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Discussion on: How to Gradually Build a Design System

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Pedro Correa

Great post! We actually are starting to think to create a component library to a client so that every team working on the project could enjoy and use the components library, because today the project is a bit messy and every team is creating each component in their own way.

Just a question, how do you convinced your team (or your superiors) to implement this library? We kind of gonna have this challenge on the future

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Eden Ella Author

Hi Pedro

Just like any other business decision, it's a matter of calculating the benefit-cost ratio.

A component library used to be a time-and-effort consuming project with no guarantee that it will actually be used.

Using new tools like Bit , it now takes much fewer resources to have a library with reusable UI components and the chances of it to being adopted and used by the organization are much higher (thanks to better discoverability of components, easier collaboration on individual components, etc).

So, my advice to you would be to present the benefits of a component library (written in my post) and offer the right tools for the job :)