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Discussion on: Is Lua Doomed?

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Lua is really a terrible language. JavaScript is
just far superior.

Every Lua environment is just so different from each other. The ones I've used don't allow for custom exception handling or concurrency. Lua is not used because it's good or the best, it's used because it's easy to embed and it does the job.

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Adam Crockett Author

Your comment was quite negative 😔, this is an old post for me but I'm hungover and don't care alot to fight about language X is better than Y.

Lua is (a great language which is interesting to me) if rarely used as I do what the rest of the world does, use JavaScript. Lua has a design philosophy which should be understood before you can say it doesn't even come with Z. That's my two cents

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Souk Syp.

You can do Javascript for front-end and Lua for back-end.

Check out OpenResty, Lapis Web Framework and Moonscript.