re: These comments are awful :( No one should discourage you from what you want to do in life. I'm fortunate enough to have worked with 3 other femal...

I would especially read this tweet by (the awesome) Lea Verou:

We are developers, not "women developers". Introspect why you’re so astonished that someone did well in tech while sporting a vagina.

So this whole discussion is probably wrong.


I also agree with this tweet, that’s why I said we are not looking for exceptions, just the opportunity to proof ourselves like everyone else, nothing of favoritism. I’ll search for Lea Verou :) thanks!


I agree with her tweet, but this whole discussion is not wrong.

People who have those opinions like her friends, have that opinion because it is a male dominated industry and that's what they see.

So we need to see more women in those roles, encouraging other women and younger generations so that it is a more balanced field in general.

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