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Discussion on: I Made a Mastodon Account and so Far I like It

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Mastodon has its problems though:

  • Most Mastodon users are on Twitter anyway, many of them mirror their accounts. Being on Mastodon does not do much except a slightly more attractive GUI. Unless you use TweetDeck... which Mastodon's default UI (badly) imitates.
  • Mastodon has just another wave of "Twitter sucks" users. This is one of the problems of GNU Social/Quitter, ello, Diaspora and Mastodon: They try to attract disappointed Twitter (and/or Facebook, at least Diaspora does that) users instead of a new group of users. The only "Twitter alternative" that does not just try to get Twitter users to tweet on a different platform instead would probably be twtxt - but who (except me and a few others) uses that?