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I want to know which OS you guys use for developer work and which will be the most stable for me.

I use Windows 10. :-) However, with 4 GB RAM, it might be not that easy to use, as you have already noticed.

If you absolutely require Visual Studio Code (which I could understand - it is a nice almost-IDE, although it is too resource-hungry for my needs), Linux might be your best choice indeed. I would like to recommend Void Linux to you. It is a rolling and very current distribution like Arch, but it comes without the burden of systemd and it is really lean and fast. Here's how to install VSCode on it. :-)

(I switched my only Linux machine from Void to Gentoo for different reasons - but I really miss Void sometimes.)


Oh man thank you so much for sharing your experience. It is always like an intimate relationship for me to choose an OS per se. Yeah VSCode seems the culprit here, I'd start checking out others then if that's the case. Do let me know which one (IDE) do you use


I wrote an article about IDEs (and why I like acme2k). I usually use that when I'm on my Gentoo machine. On Windows, I keep switching between acme2k and GNU Emacs. I had been using Sublime Text 2 and 3 (beta) and I keep an eye on VS Code, but I always find its performance disturbingly low. I have a 2018 laptop, why does VS Code need several seconds to properly start? ...

No, it's really not for me. :-) But I can't tell you what suits your needs best, so I won't.

You're awesome I got to know new things today.


woow! I never read/heard about Void Linux definitely I will give it a try!

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