Discussion on: Who's looking for open source contributors? (October 1st edition)

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I want to release a new version of my static blog generator in November or something. Possible tasks that need to be done anyway (however, if I need to do them myself, it'll be years...):

  • Integrate a search functionality via index files, ElasticSearch or something.
  • Split the main file (src/blogcpp.cpp) into more smaller files for easier maintenance. (Optimum: Integrate as much as possible into src/helpers.h without breaking that file's portability.)
  • Integrate libautoupdate for automatic update checks - sometimes I release new versions, you know? :-)
  • If comments are enabled, the supported comment systems offer a way to show how many comments were made under an article. Implement that for each of them.
  • Check if meson could replace CMake easily. If it does, do it.
  • Improve the Markdown parser: it lacks support for underlined headlines and non-standard features like GitHub's tables.

If nobody helps me, the next version will be released without any of those improvements. ;-)

Also, there is still the sufficiently popular ymarks project. It could need more testers. And probably some work on the server part because it is said to crash sometimes - I can't safely reproduce that...