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What command shows that?



If you're on Mac with Homebrew installed just do brew install neofetch

or port install neofetch


That very nice..!! 😍😍


First: love it. Now, 2 questions. How do you format that prompt? Multi-level and folder icon looks really slick. Secondly, is the date/time always there or is that part of neofetch? If it's always there I'd love to know how you set that up.



Using Powerlevel9k for that. Here's a gist of my settings for it.

Awesome, much appreciated! However, this is the first I'm hearing about Powerlevel9k and a cursory look at it tells me it may be a rabbit hole that never actually ends. So... thanks?


Hi! Creator of P9k, here. I can assure you it's a wonderful rabbit hole with beautiful terminals and much CLI magic =)

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