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Best terminal of all times 😂


Simply legend terminal 😄😂


First: love it. Now, 2 questions. How do you format that prompt? Multi-level and folder icon looks really slick. Secondly, is the date/time always there or is that part of neofetch? If it's always there I'd love to know how you set that up.



Using Powerlevel9k for that. Here's a gist of my settings for it.

Awesome, much appreciated! However, this is the first I'm hearing about Powerlevel9k and a cursory look at it tells me it may be a rabbit hole that never actually ends. So... thanks?


Hi! Creator of P9k, here. I can assure you it's a wonderful rabbit hole with beautiful terminals and much CLI magic =)


What command shows that?



If you're on Mac with Homebrew installed just do brew install neofetch

or port install neofetch


That very nice..!! 😍😍



Almost the same with Ali!


  • Hyper 3 as terminal app
  • tmux to create multiple sessions and split panes
  • Fish with Oh-My-Fish framework as default shell (theme is called Spacefish)
  • exa as replacement for ls
  • bat as replacement for cat (aliased here, though)
  • ...and many more nice things

I’m curious- why do you like Hyper 3? (I’ve never tried it)


Because there is no iTerm for Windows. With Hyper I can replicate this exactly same terminal experience on all platforms.

Well, Windows has a bit different font rendering but otherwise I can just hop between computers and stay productive.

The other terminal I'm using sometimes is the one built into VS Code which is another cross-platform dream.

Ahh I see I see.
I may try it but I wonder if it’s a bit of a hog with electron. I like that you can style it with css

It's not the fastest terminal emulator out there but definitely faster than Hyper 1 & 2. Impressive how much performance improvements ZEIT has been able to put into their latest release. Definitely shows that Electron apps do not need to be resource hogs.


Lovely, I'm seeing a lot of fellow fishes


Fish is great. I'm always surprised it is not more popular.


I'd guess in the past it has been too exotic a choice for daily usage as you would have to chain commands like mkdir newdir; and cd newdir instead of basic &&. Now the game has changed, though, so let's keep on praising it. 🎉


Chris - I love your colorscheme. I've implemented it in my terminal emulator too!


How did you choose the font, by the way?


Its a mix of Wes Bos's setup and the Dracula theme





What is this l command that show icons?


ls aliased as l in shell config file. Icons and colors can be achieved with colorls github.com/athityakumar/colorls

Thanks !

I've found another way to do so: github.com/Peltoche/lsd + alias ls=lsd.


wow, thanks for sharing this. I've recently started setting up wsl2 on different distro, will try this lsd instead, got me at rust 😄. Btw, your terminal looks great, may I know it's details?

Edit: I have tried lsd, confirm that's it's amazingly fast, no hiccups as observed with colorls. I'll have to see its performance together with spaceship prompt and other zsh plugin, my original setup in wsl1.


Are you part of OperationCode.org or does the opcode prompt mean something different to you?


Hi, actually I didn't know OperationCode.org before.

My opcode username is related to CPU;

An opcode is the first byte of an instruction in machine language which tells the hardware what operation needs to be performed with this instruction. Every processor/controller has its own set of opcodes defined in its architecture. An opcode is followed by data like address, values, etc if needed.


My Gnome-terminal with bash and dracula theme
Some more show-off :-p


How can I have my own bash theme like your Dracula :)


Gogh is a bash script that provides lots of themes including Dracula. Have fun.


I like those colors. And the bonsai tree.


(konsole, zsh + prezto, tmux. colorschemes and dotfiles are somewhat of a mess, so not published anywhere yet)


This looks so sick. May I know how you were able to do this? 😊

  • Wallpaper: Here (The wallpaper I wal'd for the color scheme)
  • Terminal: urxvt
  • Font: Roboto Mono (I think)
  • Process Manager: htop
  • Audio Visualizer: cava

Thank you very much for this. I don't really understand all of the jargon like wal as I'm new in experimenting in the Terminal. I want to learn what is the advantage of Oh My Zsh than the normal bash, and their differences.


Here's mine with a command line Pomodoro timer, I just need to add more color to my text.


Here it is - a DEC VT100


Oh, you meant my terminal emulator... my bad!😉🤣

(this is why nobody invites me to parties)


plugins: [


my term setup


Here's mine. I don't know wth happened to this. All I remember is, I was trying to install rails, the next thing I see, is this.


Nothing to do with rails. It's your virtualenv by Python and additionally your .bashrc or .zshrc might be broken


Hey man thanks for replying. This has been fixed already


Quake terminal

Old school gamer!

But would love to have proper and colored unicode emojis in a Powershell terminal like you linux and mac guys. 😥


Dark blue terminal, with the table list of a code repository's contents

Font: Input Mono Narrow at 9.0 pt

Colour scheme: Base16 Outrun Dark

Shell: Zsh, with Pure


So my buddy actually owns one of the most popular repos on github for iterm (and other) themes., it has hundreds of themes and you can add to them.


I use mine "Purple peter".

purple peter


I try to keep things bright and easily legible. Colorless ls is a product of me being broken in by many a crash cart sessions at the colo :)


  • Deepin-terminal with dracula theme
  • tmux + gpakosz's conf + home made dracula theme
  • fish + spacefish prompt
  • colorls + home made dracula theme
  • neovim + dracula theme


I have only been a custom terminal user for a couple of months, inspired by your blog post and a couple others.

Terminal: iTerm2
Terminal Theme: Dracula
Terminal Font: Fira Code
Zsh Theme: Dracula

I use the Dracula theme for everything that it supports 😂big fan lol



Green on black.

Default Mac terminal because I haven't taken the time to install anything better. I tried Hyper but it kept throwing JavaScript/Electron errors at random.

My windows machine has Git Bash, which is nice, and also the default colors.


my terminal

  • Emoji indicating if the last command was successful or not
  • User and host name
  • Current working directory
  • Current git branch

You can also use commands "true" and "false" to generate just exit codes. Another more or less elegant way may be to use subshell like "( exit 0 ; )" and "( exit 1 ; )".



  • iTerm2
  • zsh
  • solarized dark though I'm thinking of swapping this out for something a bit more cyberpunk, probably cyberpunk-neon
  • git info in $PROMPT from this gist

Here's mine :)
Pretty Terminal
Vim Terminal
I use Alacritty and tmux for sessions :) I use Vim as an editor and I start a separate instance of alacritty without tmux for it for performance purposes.


I was on zsh them switched to fish for about 2 years, and now I'm back on zsh. 🙃

I've switched my theme a bunch of times for my terminal, but I always seem to come back to the Agnoster theme.

GitHub logo agnoster / agnoster-zsh-theme

A ZSH theme designed to disclose information contextually, with a powerline aesthetic


A ZSH theme optimized for people who use:

  • Solarized
  • Git
  • Unicode-compatible fonts and terminals (I use iTerm2 + Menlo)

For Mac users, I highly recommend iTerm 2 + Solarized Dark


NOTE: In all likelihood, you will need to install a Powerline-patched font for this theme to render correctly.

To test if your terminal and font support it, check that all the necessary characters are supported by copying the following command to your terminal: echo "\ue0b0 \u00b1 \ue0a0 \u27a6 \u2718 \u26a1 \u2699". The result should look like this:

Character Example

What does it show?

  • If the previous command failed (✘)
  • User @ Hostname (if user is not DEFAULT_USER, which can then be set in your profile)
  • Git status
    • Branch () or detached head (➦)
    • Current branch / SHA1 in detached head state
    • Dirty working directory (±, color change)
  • Working directory
  • Elevated (root) privileges (⚡)


Customize your prompt view

By default…

Enough talking. Pics!

iTerm with zsh and the Agnoster theme

I don't have a post specifically about my terminal setup, but I have one about my Mac setup that also includes info about my terminal setup.

and in VS Code with the Night Owl theme.

xsh in VS Code integrated terminal

and if you're interested here's my VS Code setup.


@abhinav's terminal

Terminal : Konsole with Solarized Light theme
Shell : zsh with prezto
Font : Fira Code
System : KDE neon 5.16

  • Pure prompt (available in prezto)
  • z.lua for faster cd
  • ripgrep instead of grep
  • TerminalMargin and TerminalCenter set in Konsole profile

I'd post a screenshot of it, but it's so ugly I might break the site😛.

I tend to get caught up in the customization of my tools instead of becoming proficient with them. Resulting a bunch of lost time and confusion/frustration.

I recently decided to shelf the customization for now in favor of getting better on the command line


Terminal : st
Shell : zsh
Font : Roboto Mono
Split handle by i3wm and in case of no graphical environment (tty)
tmux with i3 friendly config will be use.


I'm using linux mints native terminal application with fish for my shell :)

I've also changed the default welcome message to run a fortune -a | cowsay

Linux mint terminal with fish


Here's mine:

Terminology using Solarized Dark color scheme.
Also using Oh My Zsh with the Agnoster theme.


Ok, inspired to get back on the Hyper train and give it some fairy floss flair.

light purple terminal with yellow-gold and mint accents. Sparkle emoji indicating active tab.

My hyper config file


Image of iterm2

Terminal: Iterm2
Color Scheme: Dracula
Font: Fira Code
Shell: ZSH
Zsh theme: theunraveler

Zsh plugins:

  • git
  • colored-man-pages
  • colorize
  • dotenv
  • zsh-syntax-highlighting
  • zsh-autosuggestions

Using Manjaro KDE with Terminator
zsh, tmux


I'm using fish. Not in front of computer right now, but it's really cool and has Full Autocompletion.


Some random directory, using Liquid Prompt (own branch, supporting Perlbrew see the other screenshot for Liquid Prompt in full effect together with smartcd.

Me not knowing what I am doing: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Me supposedly knowing what I am doing


My Terminal Setup

Terminal: iTerm2
Color Theme: Snazzy
Shell: Zsh + Oh My Zsh
Prompt: Pure


Oh-my-zsh with the Agnoster theme.
Through the Windows subsystem for Linux. In the Windows terminal.

I go through setting it up in dev.to/nickymeuleman/wsl2-zsh-and-...


I wish it looks like this :

Star wars

Yes and YES with star wars even in the terminal !!!

But in fact it looks like this:



jrohatiner terminal


jrohatiner terminal

Number Two Pic is me being goofy. That's not my terminal. lol. Great idea @aspittel !


When I started using Unix (1st year uni), it was SunOS 4. We had VT100-compatible dumb terminals (mix of green/amber on black), whether it was for accessing the CS, Physics, Maths or Stats servers - let alone the university library catalogue (and OMG that was some ghod-awful COBOL-based thing).

In my second year I got access to the Sun 3/ and 4/ workstations that the CS department had upgraded to over the summer, but they were still black and white. Megapixel displays (1152x900), sure, but still monochrome (not like those flyboys in the newly established EE department!).

For me, a colourised terminal was not something I had access to until my final year of uni when I was able to afford to put together a pc to run linux on. By that point my terminal habits were very much set. Sure, I could have a colourised terminal session, but for all the systems I could access at uni I knew that the only emulation setting I could depend upon being there was monochrome vt100/vt102.

Even after I started working (sysadmin at another uni) and we got schmick new Sun Ultra10s with their 2nd level graphics cards, all the systems that we managed were headless and - again - we could depend on monochrome only.

I don't know what the state of screen reading software on linux or Solaris is these days, but all the software engineering experience I've had where we had to go through exhaustive "Accessibility Section 508" checklists has biased me against using colours unless it's in a browser
or an editor.


I use iTerm2 with snazzy theme with zsh and oh-my-zsh. I use three plugins with zsh:

  1. git
  2. autocomplete
  3. syntax highlighting.

Here is the screenshot.


Here's my contribution. I'm using the Base2Tone colour-scheme called Heath Dark, and I've set up my window manager to read its colours from .Xresources as well so my entire desktop matches.

I use gruvbox light for my vim colours though, as I've read some compelling information that dark-on-light is easier on your eyes in the long run.

xst terminal screenshot


My Prompt

Meaning: I don't need updates, my Taskwarrior tasks are up to date, this is the time, this is the current temperature (within delta of my current location), I've had two cups of coffee today, my FitBit steps aren't tracked (because my tracker broke this weekend) and I'm in my home directory.


I just finished setting things up with zsh, iterm2, and spaceship. Thanks for your previous post about that Ali. I wasn't satisfied with the common powersomething9k theme and spaceship looked quite simple. I carried over some colours that I previously set up in terminal.


Here is mine. There is nothing special about it. I use iTerm2 because I like it's split screen mode with broadcast input (which is very useful if you're running commands on multiple servers). I also like large fonts 🤓

I have three addons installed:

My Terminal